Do you think you're good enough to be able to exit the maze?

The game is very simple: you, and other 39 players, randomly spawn in a maze and need to go to the center, where there is a magic crystal. You need to pick it up and exit the maze with it. That's it! Sounds easy, huh?

You need to look for enemies, which can be around every corner, and for eventual monsters! Careful though, they can hurt much, but drop a satisfying reward!

Oh, there isn't a health limit. You can have how much health you want, as long as you find the right items!

A screenshot representing High!Иess at its current state.
A screenshot of the first development alpha.

Only YOU can tell us if we have to change existing mechanics/items or add some new ones, so download the game and give us feedback! We'll see you in game!

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